Breaking: Dancehall artiste Ninja Man’s gay son found dead, n@ked and molested


Sad story for friends and family of the deceased a news came that Ninja man son Janiel Ballentine was found dead early this morning.

The police were alerted that a body was found on the beach whose name was held back due to security measures and to keep the people calm towards going to the beach.

It was five o’clock this morning when a crew of fishermen were heading out on their regular outings when one of the men saw the body of a young man naked and got the attention of the others who had decided to go fishing that morning.                                                                                                                

The man who first came across the body said that he taught that the deceased was a female due to the extended hair and skin tone of the bod, his were bound and mouth gagged, he added that he tried to see if Mr Ballentine was alive after cutting the hands of the deceased which still lead to no movement, it was after the crowed after the fisher were told that the dead man was actually Ninja Man’s son. The men alerted the police, no motives yet towards why Mr ballentine was murdered.



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